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home   The men at VoiceProfessionals.com offer a diverse range of talents and experience to perfectly complement your script.

men   Click on any member below to go to his personal page. Or simply click on the link to listen to his voiceover demo or to download it.

women   Many of the members of VoiceProfessionals.com are members of AFTRA, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, your assurance that the professional level of performance will consistently be of the highest quality in the industry.

Radio Connection: a music industry talent placement service with 5,000 students worldwide who train on-site at major radio and TV stations, recording studios, record labels, film studios and video production companies.
  VoiceProfessionals.com is hosted by very powerful servers connected to the internet via a full OC3 line (3 times faster than a T3, and 350 times faster than a T1), plus a full T3, and 3 T1s for full redundancy and very reliable service any time of day or night.

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To listen to the voice demos on this site, you have a choice of MP3 format which offers the highest quality. All talent demos will soon be available in MP3. MP3 sounds the best but also requires a fairly fast connection. If your connection is slow you may get better results listening to the RealAudio demos. You will also need the RealPlayer from RealAudio. RealPlayer is a free plugin for your browser which will enable you to listen to the voice demos on this website in high quality streaming RealAudio. To get it, simply click on the image below.

If you need help with downloading and installing RealPlayer, click here to read our brief helpfile.

the men
Tobias Andersen   andersen.ram
Bill Barrett   barrett.ram
Bob Brooks BrooksBob.mp3 brooks.ram
Joseph Burke BurkeJoseph.mp3 burke.ram
Russ Fast   fast.ram
Vince Gambino   gambino.ram
Lester B. Hanson HansonLes.mp3 hanson.ram
Erik Jensen   jensen.ram
Victor Morris   morris.ram
Geoff Prysirr   prysirr.ram
Pete Randall   prandall.ram
Frank Roberts   roberts.ram
Bill Stevens   stevens.ram
Todd Tolces   tolces.ram
John Williams   jwilliams.ram
Matt Williams   mwilliams.ram

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