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VoiceProfessionals.com is a cooperative association of some of the finest voice actors in the country, most of them AFTRA/SAG professionals. From corporate spokesperson and industrial narration to man-on-the-street and girl-next-door, from character voices and impersonations to cartoon voices and comics, you'll find whatever you need amidst the broad range of skills and talents at VoiceProfessionals.com.

Now, for the first time, you can select from this efficiently designed, well-organized web site, the perfect voice for your next radio, television or film project. And your client, producer or other collaborator can hear your top choices instantly from anywhere in the world. Each artist's picture and full resumé, as well as a one minute audio demo of their work in state-of-the-art streaming RealAudio format, is just a click away. And with many first-rate digital recording studios to choose from in the Portland area, you can be working with the artist of your choice in a matter of hours.

Every member of VoiceProfessionals.com is an experienced union professional with a proven track record which includes a wide range of national credits and corporate clients. Instant access to each artist's unique talents can save you valuable time and money, and assures you of the ideal combination of vocal quality, ability and expertise for your next project.

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